A beautiful love story was inspiration for starting new modern Serbian brand inspired by tradition and true values.The idea for starting ISKON mode came from a personal need for an original combination for a wedding.  A wish to have an original wedding dress, which was traditional, but not a national costume, took ISKON mode’s founders far away.

Longtime love was crowned in 2008 and exactly then the idea for starting family business was born. Very soon the job became a walk of life. A walk of life, because promoting true life values is its essential part. Just like personal opinions are a part of persona style, promoting trusted life values is a business mission.

Love for family and clothing was unified in 2010 when our first entrepreneurial shop was founded in Kragujevac, Serbia, with one goal: to put under one umbrella many small manufacturers and producers of handmade products, which are autochthonous in this area of the world. In 2014, after a four-year-work and continuous development of the idea, as well as a result of synergy of creative and hardworking people, the head office of our brand moved to our capital city, Belgrade.

That is when widening of ISKON mode presence arose, from Belgrade to Switzerland and Germany. The main idea that led them in everyday work, is the ideathat the family should be the center of attention, for its pristine values, not the frenzy for material goods.

Through ISKON mode many different small associations, family manufactures and cooperativeshave passed, and they believed in idea that connection of modern and traditional can be common factor for all products. Seriousness and success on market is only possible if you organize business in modern way with use of old methods like embroidery, crochet, hand-making or illustration, as well as making a team through public competitions.

Modern in tradition and traditional in modern dress combinations, all made from carefully selected and high-quality natural materials, chosen with a refined feeling for the measure. The result of many years of work, research, refinement of ideas and conversations with people is a modern Serbian brand that is easily recognized by the warmth and the thoughts that are woven into it.

Looking at clothes that are hand-made, you see the enthusiasm of women who have spent hours waiving on the looms, with love,because what they do they do only because they love it. Emotions woven in clothing are warming, though they are not seen with the naked eye. ISKON mode is a way of natural need, measures and values so the products bearing this name are aligned with a human as such. Presenting of unique products that are equally interesting to both domestic and foreign customers carries with itself a story about the folk tradition and art, the difficulties and character of people from these areas and what is very important – responsibility.

To do something that will intrigue, and to be recognizable and original at the same time, in times when everything is abundant, has not been easy. Precisely because of that, ISKON mode gives what others rarely dare to: love, respect, consistency, sincerity, true values. It is not easy, but it is beautiful to do what we do, because we love what we do.


Unique or limited series, handmade or manual finishing, best quality natural materials and yarns, as well as quality of production, originality and durability, paying particular attention to the details that make each ISKON mode product a story for itself, are the basic principles of our business. These postulates have been guiding us from the beginning, and we do not get out of these frames. People wearing our products do not only wear a garment but carry one philosophy. We do not create for the broad masses of people but for people who want only the highest quality for themselves.

ISKON mode brand has developed collections for women, men and our youngest. But particular attention has been dedicated to women.

“ISKON mode woman” is a lady with an authentic style; a brave, self-conscious, strong, successful and determined woman who leads, who’s not being led. It is a woman who, despite knowing she looks different, likes to wear and feel pleasant, comfortable, feminine, safe, and complete.

Since 2016, there is a PREMIUM product – hand-woven scarf from the most exclusive Italian natural yarn.


Where we’ve been…

Besides numerous fashion shows in Serbia, ISKON mode has had extremely noticeable fashion shows in Linköpingu, Bern, Toronto, Washington DCandMoscow.


At this moment, you can buy our hand-made products in Switzerland, Germany, Russia, and Serbia. You can order it online from any part of the world via our online shop on

Next activities:

Thanks to the high quality handmade work and yarn we use, as well as the original design that is a fantastic blend of tradition and modern times, ISKON handcrafts are slowly but surely finding their place on the world market.

In the following period it is certain that we will be much more represented on already existing markets of Switzerland, Germany and Russia. Except for already existing partners, there is an increasing interest of other subjects for our handicrafts.

At the end, we are finalizing our preparations to take part in some of the world’s largest fashion shows.

Slowly but steadily we are entering the world of PREMIUM brands.

Ever since I’ve learnt about and “discovered” ISKON MODE several years ago, I started buying and wearing exclusively their shirts and no others. The reasons are numerous: the unique style which is at the same time casual, elegant and traditional, the comfort and quality, but, moreover, because of the patience and a customer-friendly approach of the wonderful ISKON MODE people who have always been keen and happy to meet all my special requests regarding the style, cut, embroidery colours, etc. I can find no better company in terms of uniqueness, originality, quality and affordability combined altogether and I warmly recommend ISKON to all my friends. Well done ISKON ! Keep doing what you do best! Wishing you great success on the world market! I look forward to staying your loyal and satisfied customer for many many more years to come! Cheers and best regards from afar away New Zealand ! 🙂

(Ognjen Vidic, Hamilton, New Zealand)

The clothes made by this fashion house can be worn by those who know the value of natural material, the love of old craftsmanship and weaving, the smell of ancient creation along the fire, with the chatter of a village communal party. Iskon mode lives in harmony with nature, and nature is in accordance with tradition. The brand offers a wide range of products from dresses, sets, socks, caps, to scarves – all that reflects a high level of quality, while paying special attention to the attributes of femininity, spirit and creativity in their design. Iskon mode has clothes that you care about no matter where you wear it. By creating garments like perfect festival clothes, embroidered wedding dress, pop-art living costume, exclusive poncho or wool embroidered scarf, the brand positions itself with its own line at the top of the high fashion. These designs succeed in delivering a sense of free expression, especially through alternative models, and emphasize individuality within the collective consciousness of an individual. I suggested to Dragan Sandić, the owner, to put specific stories on each product about hours of patient dance of women’s fingers, weaving the finest silk, wool or cotton. Ancient beauty in Iskon mode fashion smells like a woman.

(Violeta Dimitrijević, Toronto, Canada)

From its beginning to today’s day, ISKON mode has remained true first of all to itself and then the customers, by selecting quality materials and giving quality services. Each handcrafted product is riddled with someone’s life story, and every product exudes warmth, simplicity and uniqueness, for when a product is made once it becomes unique. The machine can repeatedly sew a dress, but only handicraft can transmit emotions… sometimes joy, sometimes sadness, fear, anger, dissatisfaction, but always love, for there is no hand that has not hugged… that’s why I love ISKON mode – because its existence spreads love and revives the spirit of old times, reminding us of the purity and beauty of patterns and motifs that decorated folk clothes!

(Jasna, Germany)

Rarely a high level of quality both by composition of the material and by design. What is important to me and that I have found in ISKON mode is the quality of the craft work: sewing and finishing. About the pleasantness and professionalism of the employees, I will not even begin to talk because they really deserve many words of praise.

(Anna, Serbia)

The lines that revive the spirit of past times, which can still provide a perfect fit into the trends of today…The pieces created to draw attention to their authenticity and give an unusual touch to everything! And in the time of commercial, molded products, it is a great thing to be different, special … things that are certainly provided by ISKON mode!

(Ana, Switzerland)