Delight Her with a Gift: 5 ideal gifts for women

Gifts for women… What are 5 ideal gifts for ladies?

Rules, rules… Very often we are obliged to behave in accordance with certain rules. Sometimes they are good for us, but sometimes they are crushing and burdening us.

ideal gift for womenAre there are rules of gift giving? Well, there are and they always existed. What is a suitable gift for a friend or what should be given to a foreigner, what is interesting to gift to the child…? Those are more suggestions and recommendations, drawn from the long-standing practice of giving … from tradition, mentality, social position, titles, mutual relations amongst people…

It is, of course, not necessary to always and exclusively follow those rules when gifts are in question. Be sure to always choose a gift with care and heart, and there can be no mistake!

We will suggest and give you ideas to help you choose a gift for a dear person, business partners, friends, ladies who are your employees….

On this occasion, we will highlight five different pieces, each with its own story, uniqueness, and purpose.

1. Skirts 

* There are never too many of them in the wardrobe! *

Let’s ask any lady, from a girl, through a girl-teenager, to a mature woman and an older lady, how many skirts they have in a closet … Hmm, we doubt she will know the exact answer! ☺

The skirt is simply a garment, which in most different ways depicts the personality of a woman, the temperament, even the mood … Maxi, midi, mini … monochrome, colorful, on tufts, on strips, trapezoidal, asymmetric, narrow, wide, with high belt, black short skirt …. Why yes! From each one … or two … or three ☺

Hand work, unique models and ethno motives are what make ISKON mode stand out from the masses of others. A large number of breath-stopping models… Traditional and modern, ethno female skirt that breathes style and beauty. Take a look at our skirts HERE!

Treat some dear lady, whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, or a corporate gift.

And here you can also see the top quality natural materials used in the development of our products.

2. Poncho

* For ladies who know themselves, who are romantic and tender *

You must have at least one such lady in your surroundings, and you are thinking about what could be the perfect gift for her upcoming birthday!

Stop thinking and take a look at our colorful collection where we put pelerine and a poncho as close relatives in composition and appearance. What also connects them is the way of making-all pieces are handmade, giving them a special value and significance.

We used mostly wool of superior quality for their production, so the proud owner will be satisfied with your choice. Ethno motifs are what makes our models recognizable!

Choose colors to fit with her hair or eyes. Play and make her happy.

HERE you can look at our poncho models.

3. Jacket

* Wrap her with Happiness *

If you’ve hoped that the winter will bypass us, you are wrong! It’s snowing! ☺ It has not really covered all the hills, but it’s perfect for one of our jackets!

And why would some of them be the perfect gift? While you think, we give you a description of the first one from our wide collection to answer the question “why” … and you can see the other jackets HERE.

  • Original, authentic, hand-made woman jacket
  • Long, winter, warm, woolen jacket with a hood
  • The finest Italian wool 100%
  • Buttoning – a handmade button
  • A round edge around the neck
  • Wide sleeves, 7/8 long
  • Non-strechable material
  • Hand weaving
  • Ethno motives

We are sure that we made you interested! Such a gift is unique and special! Customize the model to the person to whom the gift is intended.

And to make it even easier and faster, here you can see how you can order it right away:

4. Scarf

* Joy around your neck *

I do not know a person who does not like a scarf. Literally. Whether it’s keeping you warm, whether it’s a fashion detail, it is always a good gift.

We suggest it as an idea for the perfect gift.

Why scarf?

Because it has a multiple use and value and you can gift it for different events.

As a birthday gift – make the design, motifs, color fit with the character of the person you are buying it for. As a gift for the anniversary, give it to your dear lady and show her how much she means to you, because you just chose for her a unique and hand-made scarf with recognizable motifs. As a corporate gift – select what you like – show your valued ladies you appreciate their work by delighting them with a unique scarf of exceptional quality.

Do not waste your time, check right now and order HERE

5. Coats

* Make her shine *

Take a look at our coat suggestions HERE.

Now imagine a smile on her face when your dear lady opens a gift of this woolen, hand-woven coat! A wide smile, she tries it on immediately, turns to look from all sides, and she is satisfied, happy, and she knows it is premiere! There is no more ideal gift? The decision is there and you just choose the size and then eagerly await the moment when we will deliver the package ☺ We know it will be a memorable day!


Jovana Ivanovic

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