Delight Him with a Gift: 2 ideal gifts for men

Gifts for men? An eternal dilemma – is it simpler to choose the right gift for women or men. Is my gift well chosen?

Opinions are divided, it depends from case to case. Choosing a gift, first of all, depends on how well you know the person you want to give the gift to. The better you know them, choosing gifts for men seems easier. But it can be a sword with two blades! When you know someone “to the soul”, you encounter a problem of choosing from a dozen ideal ideas. On the other hand, when acquaintance is superficial or at the level of business relationships, we are again faced with the problem – is our gift appropriate for the level of relationship… And so we go, indefinitely, with questions and dilemmas…

That’s where we hop in and we offer you ideas for two ideal gifts for men, which will excite them.

We promise! 🙂

Men’s Shirt

*** an original gift ***

What no gentleman, young or old, certainly never considers a surplus is, definitely, a shirt.

Cotton men shirt, shirt for men, gifts for men, ISKON mode shirtBut not just a shirt, ordinary and unmarked! We offer a wide range of unique, hand-made men’s shirts from top-quality natural materials.

Cotton men shirt, shirt for men, gifts for men, ISKON mode shirt for menThe models are diverse and give you the opportunity for gifts for different purposes. You will definitely find the appropriate model, cut and design. From pure white, classic, which can be suitable for every occasion and combination, to those with hand-embroidered ethno motifs, which are an ideal gift as well. Our shirts can also be worn at official business meetings or governmental conferences, as they appeal to elegance and sophistication. So if you are looking for quality, comfort and traditional recognition – choose a shirt! Order now!

Whether it will be a shirt of short or long sleeves, cotton or linen, with a classic or with a special collar, on a pearl or on buttons, it is up to you to choose!

More about our men’s shirts models read HERE.

Cotton Men Shirt, men's cotton shirt, ISKON mode shirt for men, ideal gift for men3Cotton Men Shirt, men's cotton shirt, ISKON mode shirt for men, ideal gift for menCotton Men Shirt, men's cotton shirt, ISKON mode shirt for men, ideal gift for men










Men’s Scarves

*** tendance and happiness ***

ISKON mode gift for men, men's scarves, scarf for men, idela gift for men

Photo: Goran Andric

It’s been a long time since men were limited to just a couple of colors when it comes to clothes and accessories. It used to be just black, gray, dark, brown… and there it ended.

Today, the reality is completely different. Various combinations are modern. Regarding colors, patterns, materials … it all depends on the character of the man, the business he does, trends which dictate the environment, his style… these are all the factors on which the gift for a man will depend.

Men's Scarves, scarf for men, ISKON mode scarf

Photo: Goran Andric

But what is always needed and welcome, what gives a special moment to the whole story, which can fit into any combination, time and trend – is a men’s scarf.

Men’s scarves are what we are particularly proud of!

Monochrome, colorful, with ethnic motifs, handmade, woven, with hand embroidered decorations… Unique models that await their owner! The natural materials we use are of the highest quality…

ISKON mode scarf, men's scarves, gift for menWhy scarf? Because it is always in the foreground, because it attracts attention and looks, admiration and respect. Because it will “decorate” its owner wherever he goes, and also keep him warm whenever it’s needed. The scarf as a gift is truly a hit in every sense, because it makes it clear to someone that you care about them, that you have carefully chosen the gift, that you want that person to have something unique and of superior quality.

Choose one of our exclusive models that you can take a look at HERE and give delight to whomever you gift it to… loved ones, colleagues, business partners, friends, fathers, brothers…

Happiness is guaranteed ☺

Have you already chosen a model?


Jovana Ivanovic

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