Get some Fresh Air!

Everybody, at one time or another, has wished to spend some time in nature. Whether it’s sunbathing on a white sandy beach, hiking or camping on a mountain, or just a simple walk in the park. Nature is what a person should strive for, since it was created by created it. We do not say in vain “Mother Nature”.

Nature is our second home

ISKON mode Fresh AirIt seems clear that you want to spend time outside, intuitively, but science has also identified some of the reasons why we actually need time completely surrounded by nature. There is a word for this – eco therapy – which is about certain physical and psychological advantages of being out in the nature.

A study from 2009 has shown that if you live close to a green area or wilderness, there is a bigger chance you’ll be healthier. Indeed, those who live quite close to green areas have smaller chances of being anxious or depressed.

The second study shows that those who spend time hiking or resting in the forest have significantly lower rates of cortisol, heart problems and lower blood pressure.

Fresh air is a cure

ISKON mode Fresh AirAir in enclosed spaces is often up to 70 times more contaminated than fresh air. Due to more hermetic isolation, windows and doors, as well as a lot of chemicals and plastics that are present in our homes, most people come in contact with up to 6,000 chemicals every day.

Outdoor time is a break from the internal air pollution. It is clear that the outside air has additional benefits. Of course, it is a recommendation to stay in a natural environment where the air is clean and not polluted.

Fresh air is a good source of useful negative ions, and places such as beaches and proximity to waterfalls are particularly good sources. These negative ions are also present in the sun and after the storm, when that “freshness” is felt in the air. Indoor air, on the other hand, has a deficit of negative ions and is often dry and contaminated. This particularly applies to the winter period, when we are heating our homes and when there are epidemics of various viruses. That is why frequent home ventilation is more than desirable, no matter how cold it is outside.

Negative ions are called “antidepressants of nature”, since they have a relaxing and healing effect.

So, dress yourself warm and go for some fresh air!

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