How to Choose a Shirt?

Once you find your perfect fit, the Shirt will be your favourite clothing piece. 

For a man who holds to himself the choice of an adequate shirt is of great importance, since it is a piece of clothing that must perfectly fit the build of the wearer. The style must be fitted with the rest of the garment (trousers, jacket, tie, shoes), and it is not convenient that the shirt is too narrow or too wide. Sometimes men’s fashion demanded that shirts be hand-made with a great tailor’s precision. Today, a lot of effort is being made to design a shirt for each type of men’s builds.

ISKON mode Men Cotton Shirt

There can be a problem if sleeves are too long or too narrow, the shoulders are too narrow or too wide or if the shirt doesn’t fit well on the torso. The perfect model must be unclasped on the sleeves before taking the shirt off, shoulder cuts must end exactly where your shoulders are, and the sleeves must not cover the wrist on the hand more than 2 centimeters. Choosing a collar is the detail that sets the person’s style. It can be classical, with buttons, with a cut, in different colours from the rest of the shirt, with embroidered or painted details. Cufflinks can be either one-button or French with double clips. If you are choosing a shirt for a job or a more promising opportunity, select double-sided cufflinks.

ISKON mode Men Cotton Shirt

The classic shirt has a lot of leisurely cuts and it is very convenient to wear under the jacket and in other combinations of business looks. It has a solid collar, long sleeves and cufflinks. Classic shirt’s role is to elegantly shine and be a good base for the dressing combination. It’s usually white or some bright pastel colour with a geometrically correct pattern. White is, however, the easiest to combine with a tie and a stronger colour suit. You can never make a mistake with a white shirt.

ISKON mode Men Cotton Shirt

Casual shirt (slim fit) perfectlyfollows the body lines. This shirt is for those men who want a slightly more relaxed look and a more modern cut that reveals a slender figure. It is worn out of the trousers and the casual shirt is well combined with more classic trousers and jeans. Such shirts can be of different colours and patterns. Hand-made details give it a special charm and an impression of boldness and self-confidence.

ISKON mode Men Cotton ShirtCotton shirts are the most comfortable to wear because they have comfort and firmness and, honestly, they fit you the best. Linen is also grateful for the summer shirt of a more relaxed style. There are a lot of artificial materials that shirts today are made of, but they are rather ungrateful to wear because they cause increased sweating and skin irritation. Natural materials leave a good business impression because they are chosen by a person who appreciates themselves and quality materials. Personal true values are easy to express when choosing a shirt for different occasions.

While working on creating best men’s shirts, we tried to bring in warm details inspired by tradition and folklore. The details are discreet and stylish, they easily fit with a different wardrobe of neutral colours and patterns. They are made of the finest cotton and linen, which allow the skin to breathe unhindered and they do not hinder your movement. These are shirts with identity and charm that leave a strong impression on your environment.


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