Is it Already the Time to Put on a Scarf?

This is what you’ll say faster than you think, even though it was 30 °C / 86 °F just yesterday.

Scarf is a Signature Accessory


Scarf is a Signature Accessory ISKON modeLet’s be clear, no one who holds to her/his style no longer wears a scarf just to get warm. It is not necessary to repeat that a female or male scarf must be chosen with the same seriousness as any other clothing piece. If you make a mistake here, scarf as a subtle accomplice of good taste, can easily turn into a foreign body around your head which will become a loop that will drown all attempts to leave an impression. You have to decide whether to give the scarf a major or minor role. Everything else must be less conspicuous, with a sense and connection.


Scarf is a Signature Accessory ISKON modeHow many times were you surprised by someone’s dress code combination in which a silk or woolen scarf was the main trump card in one magician’s way? Of course, scarf is traditionally worn around the neck, but it can be worn as a skirt, top, belt or a hairdress. All these “tricks” depend on whether you want to be extremely warm, or plan something eccentrically and exotic. Large scarves can be part of the garment or you could tie it as a belt, while narrow and long scarves are more suitable to be worn around the neck.

What are the ways to wear a scarf? Find out HERE.


Functionality: in colder areas, scarf or scarves have their primary purpose – protection against cold, while in warmer areas they defend you against sun and sand. Take a look at why the wool scarf is the right choice right HERE.

Scarf is a Signature Accessory ISKON modeA relatively inexpensive and fashionable addition: a scarf makes your appearance complete and a scarf is suitable for fashion experiments. How discreet the luxury of a scarf  is, they know it in Hermes, the world’s most famous brand of scarves. The original Hermes women’s scarf is made of silk, the dimensions are 90×90 centimeters, weighing 65 grams. For a scarf you need 250 silk bugs. These winter scarves were worn, among others, by Queen Elizabeth II and Oprah Winfrey.

Never comes out of fashion: with each new collection, the most prestigious designers add scarves of new details to combine them with other pieces in an unpredictable way. Let’s remember the Burberry female winter scarf, almost like a blanket, which, during the late autumn and winter, enabled women to be in a top fashion at the temperature in the minus.

Scarf is a Signature Accessory ISKON modeThe winter is coming. It may not be long or cold, but we cannot know that now. What we know is that ISKON mode has prepared for you women’s and men’s scarves that will warm you and those that are close to you. In different models, we embraced the love, patience and warmth of tradition. Each piece is handmade from the highest quality natural materials.

ISKON mode – the warmth of a handmade winter scarf!

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