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ISKON mode fashion brand has, for eight years how it exists, searched for an ideal solution and equipment for its own exhibition space. Apart from the desire to be aesthetically beautiful and functional, we have taken care to fully match our philosophy of creation and business: to be original, unique and made from natural materials as well as, of course, practical to use.

Exhibition systems presented to you by ISKON mode are perfectly suited for displaying scarves in different ambiences and rooms, and you can always be sure that those scarves will shine in the right light.

exhibition systems

Exhibition systems made from natural materials

We try to stay true to our basic postulate – natural materials – as much as possible. Thus, our exhibition systems are designed to be friendly to our environment with recognizable quality of natural materials.

We took special care of environmentally friendly elements. As time passed, our experience was greater, and the demands became more specific. In addition to the desire to redesign our salon in Skadarska Street in Belgrade, Serbia, the demands of our business partners in Switzerland, Germany and Russia asked for a particularly flexible exhibition system.

From idea to realization

All our requests, on the very first try, were answered by a very talented architect Damir Krdžović, who, although very young, has an impressive experience in his branch. There are two exhibition systems which together form a whole, but which can function independently. They are installed very quickly and easily, and no special preparation is required for installing our exhibition systems.


Multifunctional – It is a combination of solid wood of ash and maple that connect with each other via leather ribbons. The system can be installed on an area of 1m^2 up to several hundred square meters. Each module is independent. We can combine shelves, hangers and drawers as we wish, at the height we want. The R01 system can be adapted only for dresses or only for scarves or for the whole ISKON mode offer.


For hand-woven scarves – Since 2015, ISKON mode has become known for its unique, hand-woven scarves, made exclusively from yarn of natural origin and imported from Italy. In addition to the growing number of proud owners of our handicrafts in Serbia, thanks to our partners in Switzerland, Germany and Russia, our scarves can be purchased in more than 10 boutiques since 2017.

Adaptable to different spaces

The increased demand for our scarves has created an imperative for us to create conditions for these scarves to be visible in all their beauty, and presented in a way that one such handicraft deserves. These systems allow all of this at the highest possible level.

The space of 120 cm x 80 cm with height from 180 cm x 240 cm with lots of wood in combination with leather and glass shelf, represents one original, functional and beautiful solution for displaying our unique scarves in all possible spaces.

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