ISKON mode on the Mighty Chinese Market

Natural materials and yarn of premium quality, as well as traditional techniques of hand-weaving and embroidery, hand-crafted and with recognisable motifs – some of the adjectives that apply to handwoven scarves from finest Italian yarns which make a luxurious art piece. Something that is a making of a Serbian brand “ISKON mode” which promotes true values.

ISKON mode on the mighty Chinese marketThose are the values that make this brand recognisable in the country, region, Europe and across the world. After a successful debut on European markets, ISKON mode has made an another big step – a step to Asia with a deal for placing its products on the mighty Chinese market.

After thorough negotiations with a mixed Chinese-Serbian company “Silk Passage” which have started in December last year with founders of the company Dušan Nešić and Dragan Čigoja, with their Chinese partners Joshua Wu i Sapphire Tang our cooperation intensified. ISKON mode scarves were firstly presented on a business conference in Shanghai organized by Silk Passage and Embassy of the Republic of Serbia. Reactions were amazing, and it was an amazing start of the cooperation.ISKON mode on the mighty Chinese market

“We decided to place our scarves to the Chinese market for several reasons. Our scarves are exclusive premium products designed for business people, both as a B2B gift and for the end-customer. For the Chinese market we have also designed a new wooden packaging of superior quality. What can be exported to China without them already having that produced? China imports only luxury goods and materials” says CEO of ISKON mode Dragan Sandić.

Something that follows is a photoshoot at the one of the biggest fashion events in the world – Shanghai Fashion Week. The idea is to use that atmosphere to present this Serbian brand to Chinese public. By the end of the year there will be promotions in several Chinese cities. Our partner company “Silk Passage” has  also been in contact with both startups and big fashion companies in China – thanks to that cooperation this luxurious product will be available to end-buyers in China.

We are especially proud that our website has passed demanding Chinese criteria, having in mind that big Internet platforms, such as Facebook and Youtube, have not. We have a plan to translate our website to Chinese as well.

ISKON mode on the mighty Chinese market

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ISKON mode in China