New project: Perfect Personalized Gift – Scarf, Shoes, Bags, Wallets

Natural materials + Original + High quality production = Perfect
Curious Leather Craft + ISKON mode = Perfect Gift

In the past few years ISKON mode has become increasingly recognizable for its unique, hand-made scarves made of high quality yarns that we import from Italy. These are scarves of cashmere, silk, alpaca, yak, merino wool, angora, cotton, linen as well as combinations of these yarns.
Apart from being sold at our showroom in Skadarska Street 6/12, and the Nikola Tesla Airport Belgrade within the “Serbian House” our scarves are sold in more than 10 boutiques in Switzerland, Germany and Moscow.

The scarf crystallized as a perfect gift. When we gift this handicraft, we have no fear that the size will not suit, that the person already has it in her/his closet, that we are not genuine or that our present will only be forwarded.
In recent years, the scarf has become an unavoidable fashion detail. It’s no rarity to wear a scarf instead of a tie, even in places where it has been unthinkable. We are returning to natural materials, due to their quality. Unfortunately, we have to admit, synthetics has already become the dominant raw material for all, even for the clothes.
Re-discovery of natural materials leads us to be able to stand above average, because we want to be ecologically conscious and not fall within the framework of the consumer society.

We would rather have fewer things of top quality. It is an indisputable fact that natural materials are multiple times, even several dozen times, more expensive than synthetic materials.
Scarf is a highly sought after and corporate gift. We all have a problem when we need to give something special to a “special person” … whether it already has what we want to gift her … is it a worthy gift … whether it will suit him …. The scarf eliminates all those questions when we look for the perfect gift for our loved ones or an ideal gift for business associates!
That is how we’ve developed – from scarves for everyday use, mountain time, for special occasions … – a scarf we’re proud of. A scarf that is hand-woven from the yarn intended for machine weaving. We’ve managed to make a very thin scarf of the finest merino extra fine superwash wool as well as cashmere, alpaca and angora … These are scarves that can be worn under the jacket and smoothly fit instead of a tie. We are proud to point out it is a special business showcase for special women and men who above all value quality, originality and natural materials. When we add 100% handwork to all this, we definitely get the combination for the “perfect gift”.

Thanks to our friends from Curious Leather Crafts we’ve started to further personalize a perfect gift – now with every ISKON mode scarf we can do, in the same pattern, a purse, wallet, belt, organizer, as well as beautiful leather shoes.
Everything can be personalized not only by choosing a model of a scarf, but also by selecting the type of leather that you want the product to be done, through choosing an appropriate model of bag, pattern, footwear, size … to participation in the design process, so that you can give each piece an additional individual note and in order to personalize the perfect gifts.
Curious Leather Crafts is a young family company which has managed to become recognizable in 3-4 years, especially for its shoes – both in and outside of Serbia. Their handicrafts are sold all over the world, online, and in several boutiques in the EU.

We are happy that in these “difficult times” there are entrepreneurs who are primarily admirers of real values and don’t immediately turn to profit…

We are sure that cooperation will be more than fruitful, as well as that we can fulfill all your wishes.

Enjoy watching our first joint project and a Perfect Personalized Gift: “Curious Leather Crafts & ISKON mode