Our Little Dress

We love this period in the year when everything is somehow getting ready to explode! Positive of course! The sky is becoming more and more blushing, the sun is getting brighter, the flowers inflated, the grass shyly comes out of the ground, the dressing room becomes lighter… boots are packed away… coats are preparing for their “winter” dream ☺

Our skin cries for the sun rays, to rest a little bit from those thick materials – let’s get something light, colourful, ecstatic …

And my mind immediately thinks of a – dress! Eternal, impassable. And every time has its own dress. Once upon a time the dress meant a piece women’s clothing that was very long, almost touching the earth in length, i.e. maxi dress. In that dress your feet cannot be seen and everything is covered. It was embarrassing if the lady would show her ankles, let alone something more… Later on, as time went by, the fashion evolved, the borders shifted, changed, and all of this contributed to more lengths of dresses, to the knee, and even above the knee ☺

This was just a story related to  the length … As for models, patterns, cuts, materials … uhhh, so many things have happened over the centuries! Different cultures and customs conditioned different views on clothing and fashion in general. Greeks, Romans, Arabs … and then Italians, French … Everybody created their own dresses in their own way, with recognizable cuts and motifs.

The dress has certainly had many transformations, but it never disappeared from the fashion map! ☺ She was brave, and today she is being quoted very high on the scale of our favourite clothes.

Dresses can also be classified into different categories, depending on the purpose. Dress for baptism. Dress for prom. Ball dress. Dress for dance. Summer dress. Wedding dress. Business dress. Dress for every day.
We can even, as a separate category, distinguish “a little black dress“, the most popular among the ladies, which first appeared in 1926, on the drawing of “Coco” Chanel – famous fashion designer.

And I do not believe that any lady, having opened her closet, will say that she has no dress. The answer will quite certainly be the opposite – there will be more than one! Monochrome, colourful, narrow, straight, trapezoidal, with sleeves, sleeveless, little black  dress… so many varieties …


The dress has also finished a lot of times in the poems and songs ☺ … And perhaps one of the most romantic is Brian Russell’s Wild Silk

…grasses into paths and passed
through dangerous terrain for what
for something so indisputably beautiful

you’d be willing to trade everything for it
you’d be willing to go to war to wear it
under your armor as close as anything

might get to your heart, it’s hard to believe
something so small so easy
to kill for even less could produce this dress
this red mess it makes of my senses…

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