Why is shirt a “must have”?

Find me one person who does not have at least one shirt in the closet. Veeeery unlikely. Shirt today is an everyday piece of clothing that is a must have for most people. In addition to business shirts, there are many more varieties. You can find a shirt for every occasion and cause. But it’s rare for anyone to think about how the shirt actually came to be. It is very likely that a small number of people know that shirt is one of the oldest clothing items. A piece of wardrobe with deep roots and centuries-old tradition.

In the early times, before the Middle Ages, shirts did not have almost any shape, but appeared as an underwear for men or they appeared in the form of a night dress. The first shirts did not have a cuff or a collar. They only had, a sort of a reinforcement, which could be clinging or loosening, so as not stop the shirt from falling down. People clothed themselves with shirts over their heads. ☺

men cotton shirt

In the Middle Ages, a primitive collar appeared, which could either be fixed or detachable. The most commonly used materials were linen or silk. Later, through the Middle Ages, the shirt stopped being worn as a nightcloth or as underwear, but it became an interesting piece. The collar expanded to a larger extent and was decorated with lace or embroidery. Looks like fashion is coming back, is it not? ☺

Later on the collar was reverted to its previous size.

Naturally, there was no mass factory production. The richer people could afford to buy tailors’ shirts, and even “choose” their shirt, and those with less money were “made” shirts by their wives or daughters.

For a very long time, the shirt was in the simplest design and shape, and only since the mid-19th century it began to get its today’s shape, adapting to the shape of the body. There slowly appeared more colourful patterns, as well as new types of shirt like “sports” shirt or a “working” blouse. White shirts were certainly a symbol and a recognizable sign of classical dressing. A businessman must not have a wardrobe that does not include a shirt.

cotton blouse, women shirt

In the 20th century, after the First World War, the shirt experienced the greatest changes for that time. Although the first button-buckles appear at the end of the 19th century, it took 30 years for the button shirt to be popularized. Over time, various accessories and transformations of the shirt came to mind. From collar changes, spatial or coated sleeves, with or without pockets…

Today, in modern times, the shirt is one of favourite pieces of clothing for both men and women. Business, festive, everyday …. various colours and patterns, shapes, materials….

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