Why is Wool Scarf the Best Choice?

A healthy diet is an imperative when it comes to the preservation of health. If we take so much care about what we put in our body, then why don’t we care abut what we put on it?

Science has proved that the quality of the clothes we wear affects our health, which means it does matter what type of material we carry. Natural materials are slowly but surely taking over the field of textile industry. About the advantages of natural materials we could talk the whole day, but we will try to highlight the most important things.
Wool is the only material in the world that mammals produce naturally to regulate their body temperature in all climates. Do we need to explain any further why is wool, as a natural material, the best solution for protection from cold winter days?

Maybe you’d think wool is something prickly, scratchy and irritating the skin – but it does not apply to all types of wool. Quite warm and soft on the skin, top quality quality wool will be free to merge with your body, so you will not even feel it on you. It is there to accompany you, and not tobe in the way of your daily activities.
Wool is a natural material, the fiber which allows your skin to breathe and which quickly provides heat, unlike synthetic materials.

Did you know that if you wear wool during the summer – you’ll actually be cool? Wool has the ability to regulate individual body temperature and keep you warm in the winter, and cool during the summer. The good insulation properties of natural materials are used for regulation of body temperature.
Wool is also naturally resistant to water – it simply repels moisture through its fiber, which makes it resistant to rot, mold or mildew. In addition, the unique structure of wool will not allow the accumulation of body odor so you can wear a garment of this material for days without problems. Often, airing the woolen garments is enough for their ”cleaning”.

A surprising advantage in the use of pure wool is its ability to reduce the possibility of allergies. Surely you’ve noticed that you sometimes experience some form of allergic reaction caused by wearing certain materials. With wool it will not happen, precisely because it is a natural material that comes from mammals. With wool you can say goodbye to respiratory infections, asthma and allergy to dust mites.
Because of its fine fibers, wool is incredibly resilient and able to retain its shape after years of wear, stretching and repeated washing.

So, to sum up all the benefits of this amazing natural material:
– absorbs moisture and provides a feeling of dryness
– naturally contains lanolin, a biologically active substance which is waterproof and which can be found in many cosmetics
– extremely durable and abrasion resistant allows the skin to breathe freely
– it has antibacterial properties
– it is extremely resistant to fire
– it is resistant to soiling
– does not need to be washed often and rigorously as synthetics

Natural materials, in addition to a healthy diet, are the strongest link that leads to good health and high comfort. Let your clothes work for you and let it really be a part of you. Therefore, this winter should bring a scarf of wool.

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